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Used Peavey Club Mix DJ Mixer

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information go to

Used Peavey Club Mix DJ Mixer

Includes original manual but no box and power cable.

Mobile mixer with Peavey quality and fantastic features at an UNBELIEVABLE price!

4-channel, 8 input DJ mixer ideal for most mixing situations. Innovative features include a cue mode select switch, which allows you to listen to the effects on both the cue and main signal in the headphones before you send them to the main outputs.

Want to hear what an external flanger (or other effects) will sound like on a cued source? Simply flip the selector switch to cue with effects. When you have found the setting that you want, mix the effect into the main with the effect blend control. It's adjustable from all dry signal to all effect output.

The EQ blend control allows you to choose the amount of EQ present in the phones. This will save you from blowing your headphones from too much bass. The voltage controlled crossfader has both X-fader swap (hamster switch) and taper adjust to allow gradual or more abrupt fades.

Any channel can be assigned to either side of the crossfader or directly to the house outputs, allowing you to crossfade 2 tunes while playing along on a synth, drum machine, or beat record. The LED output display features an A/B compare switch that allows a visual comparison of the signals assigned to each side of the crossfader.

The channel EQs have been designed to give you the most useful frequencies for prerecorded music. Peavey's Phat EQ control reduces mid-frequencies and boosts bass and highs for an earth-quaking low end and crystal clear highs.


  • 4-channels
  • 8 inputs
  • Cue mode select switch for pre-monitoring effects
  • Effect blend control
  • EQ blend control
  • Assignable voltage controlled crossfader with hamster switch and taper
  • LED output display with A/B compare switch
  • Channel EQs
  • Phat EQ control reduces mids and boosts bass and treble

This item is being offered AS-IS. No returns.